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I have a cousin that forwards emails. Some of you groan at the thought, but my cousin is very discriminating. He only forwards really good stuff so I love to see his name in the inbox. Here are the pictures from his last message under the subject line “Amazing Paths.” My nomadic heart skipped a beat, so I figured I’d share… with comments, of course.

Here is San Francisco which reminds me of a wonderful vacation with my hubby, and makes me think of my friend Kate…and clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl.

I imagine these places without phone or internet. Hope the newspaper boy has good aim!

For this one, I’m trying to decide which car. No, wait, gotta go with a motorcycle.

This is San Francisco again, hi Kate! She used to live near this street.

I believe I see a warning sign about cows crossing in this one. Argentina? They have great steak, I hear. Wherever it is, I’m back to considering sports cars.

Now, I’m off on a gardening fantasy!

I have no idea where this is, but I would love to go there. Can you imagine! (Some jerk would have to start rocking it back and forth though and then I would be a wreck.)

Well, this next one is NOT Kansas…. I get an adrenaline rush just looking at this road.

What a place to sit out a thunderstorm without power. Can’t you just see the lightning bolts making the stained glass windows flash!

I’m guessing Alaska and it doesn’t look fun. I want to go to Alaska, but this is not the part I want to see.

Oh, my. Where is this? Where is my friend Angi? And, where are our running shoes?

Angi can run up this one, while I take my time and meet her at the top.

Wow. This is not one I would enjoy with my kids…not until they develop a better grasp on the concept that gravity never flinches. But, isn’t creation incredible!

If it weren’t for potential cars this would be a blast on a bicycle!

Here is my new desktop background…

I would say this looks like Pullman, except that I’m not seeing hills. Hmm…

Back to sports car fantasies.

I’m not a big fan of trains, but when it goes rails to trails, this will be great!

And last but not least… look at the runner! I want to go here too!

Thanks for another great diversion from the daily inbox fodder, Cody. You should start taking subscriptions!

Happy trails everyone!


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